Sunday, February 26th, 2017

Facebook 1 Click Unfriend OR Add in Group Trick

facebook trick

Hello everyone, The facebook fever is on its peak since many years, though today the facebook has a different usage as it was being used earlier. Many people are using facebook for their business by creating facebook pages for the sake of promoting their products, services and offers. No doubt, …

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Camtasia Studio A Best Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder

Video blogging is a key of success in today’s blogging trend. However, people who film themselves commonly uses DSLR or their laptop’s camera. But when it comes to record your screen you feel like you are goofed up with different free screen capture software which doesn’t lies on your expectations. …

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Make Money Online But Be Aware of PTC Scam

Make Money

Everyone wants to make some money from the resources he/she has. The most common way to earn is having a kind of job, all you do is just follow the instructions of boss and make him happy. But besides all these many people want to earn something more or in …

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Use WordPress Blog To Drive Traffic To Your Website


Use WordPress Blog To Drive Traffic To Your Website.. WordPress blog can be installed easily in any website and it can be used to drive traffic by writing useful posts that contain relevant information and relevant business key phrases. We can we use a blog in our websites to update …

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Top 7 must have WordPress plugins for 2016

Wordpress Plugins

Top 7 must have WordPress plugins for 2016 No one can deny the fact that WordPress provides a ton of features and flexibility. However, it still unable to do “everything” you want to do with it. This is the place where WordPress Plugins comes to fulfill the space. WordPress director …

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Is It Possible To Earn Money From Blog

Is It Possible To Earn Money From Blog ? The Answer Is, Yes…. Earning money with a blog has become more popular over the past few years but saying that it is becoming a trend for those who belong to the internet in any manner will be true. This is …

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Make Money with Social Media

Make Money

Make Money With Social Media We all know about how the social media is in our lives. Whether it is facebook, twitter, instagram or any other platform but we have to admit it that we are now addicted to all these things. Estimated half of the internet users are the …

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Logo Designing in Adobe Illustrator-Simple

Assalam o Alaikum Hello friends, here is my another tutorial for for beginners of simple Logo Creation in Adobe Illustrator Cs6 and later I will post a Professional Logo Creation in Adobe Illustrator YOU MIGHT LIKE TO WATCH HOW TO CREATE A PROFESSIONAL LOGO IN ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR Cs6 .Logo designing …

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Professional Logo Designing Tutorial Adobe Illustrator

Axis Logo

Assalam o Alaikum Hello guys, here is another video of professional logo designing. The concept behind this logo is a Company / Firm Named Axis which deals with engineering whether it is software, chemical, mechanical engineering or any other. So I hope that you’ll enjoy and find it useful as …

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Adobe Illustrator Simple Logo Designing Tutorial

Logo Design

Assalam o Alaikum, In web designing, logo designing is a very first and basic step, because logo is an identification of any company, firm or organization. So here is my another video tutorial of creating a simple logo with adobe illustrator. Believe me its like a child’s play if you …

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Adobe Illustrator CC 32bit and 64bit Portable

Adobe Illustrator

What is Adobe Illustrator ? Adobe Illustrator is a program that used by both the artists and graphic designers to create their vector graphics. After these graphical images then would be used for their company logos, promotional uses as brouchers, pumflets, leaflets etc or even personal work, both in print …

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Dotcom May Face Trial at U.S


A court in New Zealand has verdict to reffer to United States a businessman and hacker on Internet world on various charges imposed on him. On Tuesday afternoon (Wednesday, Auckland time) a New Zealand judge ordered that founder Kim Dotcom and his co-defendants are eligible to be extradited to the …

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Best Videos Converter

I heard one of my friend was complaining to me that how I am able to convert all my media files into other formats without loosing video and audio quality while he is tired of trying several converters but that wont work so why I am not sharing my secrete …

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Ch#11 Creating Tables in HTML

Yes you are thinking right, these tables are pretty same which we use in the MS Word lets take a look on them. Eg; First Name Last Name Designation Department Farhan Ahmed Project Assistant CRM Hassan Ali Assistant Manager MMU But, in HTML its not as much easier to create …

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Ch#10 Inserting Audio / Video Files in HTML

To insert the audio / video we use <embed src=”type here audio/video file source with extension”></embed> tag with its attributes. For eg: if my file is placed in the folder named images in the root folder the file source will be like this <embed src=”videos/myvideo.mp4”></embed>. Remember we must have to …

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